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Welcome Readers!  This being my first blog, so I wanted to introduce you to the cafe of entrees you can read about on my online cafe.  As a farm girl, reading educator, mom, and author, I will be presenting a variety of topics.  These include: family farm memories, some of my novel excerpts, early literacy activities I did as a stay at-home mom, and disability topics.  My brother has Down syndrome, so I will share some of my personal experiences about him.  All my topics are personal and based on my ideas and experiences.  Join me as I share with you and please share with me.

A little bit more about me.  Yes, I just wrote a fragment.  My work experience beyond being a mom for over 18 years, has been in education.  Reading and writing are my passion, and I've worked with students of all ages from the preschool years to sixty years old.  I've worked with family literacy to help parents learn activities to give their children an advantage by helping them learn the skills necessary for kindergarten.  I worked with 1st through 3rd graders who needed extra reading help, and I taught 5th/6th grade reading years ago.  Currently, I teach reading, writing, and grammar to adults who never graduated from high school and teach a Star Reading class for those who have a lower reading level.  It is exciting to have been in all aspects of reading education.

Despite not being a special education teacher, forty-five years of my life has been quite involved with my brother with Down syndrome.  It was a normal part of life for me.  I won't share research, just my own personal knowledge and experience. My job as a big sister was to spend lots of time watching, playing, helping, and teaching my brother.  That wasn't what I was told to do, but it came naturally as most older siblings are expected to do with the younger siblings.

Growing up on the farm meant lots of chores, including bean walking (which is almost unheard of now), taking care of the hogs, helping with the cattle, gardening, canning, cleaning, and working in many other capacities.  Getting in quality family time was never a problem for us.

Lastly, faith and attending our country church was a priority for family.  So many wonderful memories of attending candlelight Christmas programs and potlucks.  More to come on that one.

So, check out my blog and enter into the world of the 1970s farm life, parenting in the new century, early literacy, and disability/Down syndrome topics.  Visit my cafe for a menu of satisfying dishes.  All is positive and no negativity.



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