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Reflections on Attitude

Made to Live Fully with Love, Joy, and Laughter

As I reflect on some difficulties I am experiencing, I have asked myself a simple question:  Will this matter for eternity?  Some things we stew about or let bug us are not significant.  I realized I need to focus on what matters most in my life and ignore critics who just want to air negative vibes.  Some people will misjudge us and never accept us.  Sometimes our heartfelt intentions can be perceived differently from why we made a decision.  
So, after having a bad week, I asked myself what brings me the deepest joy in this world.  The answer came easily, and I hope it comes easily for you also.  I want to share some basics of what gives my life value and purpose.  Thinking of such things brightens my mood and enables me to shut down the surrounding negatives that can drag my spirit down.  
First of all, a strong sense of family including my aging parents, brothers, children, and spouse fulfill my heart.  I had an imperfect yet happy …

Healthy Mind from the Farm

Healthy Mind

Went back the farm where I grew up this weekend.  Had a wonderful time with much excitement.  Sunday morning.  My parents' home has a false ceiling in the dining room and living room.  This ceiling has been there at least 55 years.  It has looked stylish in its time with the block pieces lowering the actual ceiling for a homey look.  However, there has been a drawback to the ceiling.  Due to living on the farm, mice tend to get into the walls of the century old home.  The mice get between the false ceiling and real ceiling, then chew holes in the block pieces.  
Sunday morning, my dad found a large hole chewed in the dining room ceiling and a mouse running all through the dining room, then kitchen.  The house was abuzz with hoops and hollers as the men chased after the scurrying mouse.  They got the mouse cornered in a hallway that led to outdoors.  My mom, daughter, older brother, and I were all scared of the mouse and didn't want to have anything to do with its…
Childhood Play
When my children were in elementary school, our house was the house where several neighborhood children gathered after school.  Often, children were in our yard for four evenings a week.  As the neighbors were over, I listened to the games and play that kept the children engaged for hours at a time.  What I heard with particular newly created games was a give-and-take of negotiating about what the rules are.  They patiently spoke and compromised on how to follow the game.  
The games could be anything from snow fights, hide-and-seek, tag, Star Wars, or anything they wanted to create.  My son and his friend thoroughly discussed possibilities of winning and defeat.  There were things that were not okay such as hitting, kicking....  
Imaginative play was a constant part of the time at our house.  We had a long driveway, so the children made up hopscotch games (a bit varied from the real game). They also created a sidewalk chalk town and drove the pedal toys around to the d…