Reflections on Attitude

Made to Live Fully with Love, Joy, and Laughter

As I reflect on some difficulties I am experiencing, I have asked myself a simple question:  Will this matter for eternity?  Some things we stew about or let bug us are not significant.  I realized I need to focus on what matters most in my life and ignore critics who just want to air negative vibes.  Some people will misjudge us and never accept us.  Sometimes our heartfelt intentions can be perceived differently from why we made a decision.  

So, after having a bad week, I asked myself what brings me the deepest joy in this world.  The answer came easily, and I hope it comes easily for you also.  I want to share some basics of what gives my life value and purpose.  Thinking of such things brightens my mood and enables me to shut down the surrounding negatives that can drag my spirit down.  

First of all, a strong sense of family including my aging parents, brothers, children, and spouse fulfill my heart.  I had an imperfect yet happy childhood and a brother with Down syndrome.  I can't begin to explain how having such a happy, loving, and teasing brother has made every day a day to smile.  I have been spending extra time with my parents who are senior citizens and still able to live on their own.  My daughter, mom, and I have giggled so much until our bellies hurt.  My mom even said the laughter caused her leg pain to go away for a while.  Building happy memories often needs to be intentional, especially when geographical distance separates us.  Family bonding can be as simple as making jokes during a meal, listening to favorite music, and playing cards.  Money doesn't make people happy-genuine, loving connections and time together do. 

If a person doesn't have a strong family support system, then he or she can build "family" bonds with friendships.  Many times people who didn't have a close family find that sense of closeness with others. 

What do you most desire to do with your time?  You are the only you that exists.  Do you try to please others, or do you follow you own heart and dreams?  What makes you laugh?  What makes you feel loved?  Who are the most important people in you life?  

As I felt a bit down this week, I focused on what my priorities are and who I am as a valued person despite negative forces.  I am one who loves life, my family, books, friends, and cooking.  Only a select few are allowed in my inner circle of healthy relationships, and these people are highly loved and valued.  I can't control what others think, but I can find those moments of joy, peace, love, and laughter by the choices I make.  I control my attitude and what occupies my mind.  

At the end of the day, I have to live in my own skin.  No one can tell me what will make me happy nor can anyone sap my joy.  I am strong and see the beauty of the world. 

I wish you the best and challenge you to exercise your mind to keep out the negative and let in those things that keep you vivacious.  Life is short.  Every breath we take is a blessing.  Smile, laugh, love, and be happy.  Wishing you all well. 

Rhoda G. Penny


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